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Breakers, Saws and Kango hammers for Hire Newry

AM Rentals in Newry and Warrenpoint have a great range of quality breaking and cutting tools for hire. We stock small Makita chipping hammers to hire, these are ideal for tracking walls and taking off tiles. We also have a larger demolition hammer for hire in Newry and Warrenpoint. These hammers are ideal for breaking concrete or tracking floors. When the electric kango hammers simply wont cut it we hire a large JCB Hydraulic breaker. This is designed for breaking thick concrete and replaces the old style tow behind compressors and jack hammers.

On the cutting tools for hire we have 12 and 14 inch power saws for hire in Newry and Warrenpoint. We also hire a range of other saws from chop saws and circular saws for cutting wood to tile cutters and wall chasers for hire. We also have a clipper road saw for hire in both Newry and Warrenpoint.

Makita chipping hammer for hire

Small kango for hire

The Makita HM0810T chipping hammer for hire has a hammer only feature with a maximum impact energy of 8.5 Joules. It has the lowest in class vibration, due to the AVT Anti Vibration Technology with counter weight mechanism helps to reduce vibration. Has the highest in class demolition efficiency. The tool is double insulated to provide additional user safety. For added safety this kango is 110volt and comes with a transformer.


  • 110 volt
  • Input power - 900watts
  • Impact rate - 2900bpm
  • Impact Energy - 8.5 joules
  • 6.0kg weight
  • Vibration Chiselling : 14 m/sec².
  • Vibration K Factor : 1.5 m/sec².

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Demolition kango for hire

Demolition kango hammer for rent

Mid range demolition hammer ideal for breaking concrete and tracking floors. This kango hammer is designed for heavier breaking than the chipping hammer. It is available in either the Ryobi brand or Wilwalkee brands.


  • 110 volt
  • Input power - 1050 watts
  • Impact rate - 3000 bpm
  • Impact Energy - 8.8 joules
  • 7.0kg weight

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Hydraulic breaker hire

Hydraulic breaker for hire

Rugged and powerful hydraulic breaker from JCB for hire in Newry. This hydraulic breaker consists of a hydraulic power pack, powered by a powerful industrial Honda engine. The hydraulic breaker was brought in to replace the old system of air compressors and air hammers. The breaker for hire is ideal for breaking thick concrete paths and other heavy duty applications. The hydraulic breaker will fit into a small van.


  • Petrol engine
  • Class leading anti-vibration system
  • 25kg hammer weight
  • Impact rate- 1500bpm
  • Powerpack seperate - reduce noise exposure
  • Wheel mounted power pack

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Power saw for hire

Power saw / Con saw for hire

Compact and robust, our concrete saws for hire in Newry and Warrenpoint are reliable and easy to start. We hire the Stihl TS410 con saws - available with a diamond blade, a metal cutting blade or no blade at all. All our power saws have either 300mm or 350mm cutting blades. This allows the user a cut depth of 100mm and 125mm respectively. Our power saws for hire have a great power to weight ratio and class leading anti-vibration dampners.


  • 12 inch or 14 inch cutting blades
  • 66.7cc 2 Stroke engine
  • 9.4kg weight
  • Power output 4.4hp
  • Water connector to suppress dust
  • 100mm / 125 mm cutting depth
  • Sound pressure lever - 98dB

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Road saw for hire

Road saw for hire Newryr

The Clipper road saw for hire is powered by a Honda industrial engine. The road saw for rent has a cutting depth of 165mm. The saw can come with or without a diamond blade and is fitted with a water tank for dust suppression and anti-vibration dampners.


  • 450mm blade size
  • 165mm cutting depth
  • Honda petrol engine
  • 20 litre water tank
  • With or without blade

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Price doesn't include blade

Wall chaser for hire

Wall chaser and vacuum

Wall chaser and vacuum for hire will make light work of tracking walls. This wall chaser for hire in Newry and Warrenpoint. The wall chaser comes complete with a vacuum system that will greatly reduce the amount of dust in the air from the cutting.


  • Rated input power: 1,400W
  • 125mm diameter cutting discs
  • Adjustable cutting depth: 0mm - 30mm
  • Complete with dust extractor

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Tile saw for hire

Tile saw for hire

Our tile cutter for hire is the ideal tool for precision cutting tiles. The tile cutter has a cutting depth of 60mm and is designed to accomodate longer cuts. This saw comes with a detachable water tank making it easy to clean and it is very light weight, leaving it easy to carry.


  • Cuts longer tiles
  • 60mm cutting depth
  • Centrally located stop switch
  • 110 volt
  • Water tank
  • Light weight
  • Comes with stand

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Tile cutter for hire

Tile cutter for rent

Professional tile cutters for hire in Newry and Warrenpoint. These dry tile cutters are the guillotine style cutters designed for straight cuts.


  • Straight cutting tile cutters
  • Scribe and snap
  • Measurements engraved on the edge
  • Takes tiles up to 12 inches
  • Dust free

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Reciprocating saw for hire

Reciprocating saw for hire

Our reciprocating saw for hire is ideal for demanding and versatile sawing jobs. Intuitive and easy to guide due to optimum ratio of weight and size, ergonomic grip and Bosch Electronic - for controlled sawing. Be it powerful cuts when renovating and reconstructing, sawing plastic pipes or even branches in the garden - the sabre saw and all purpose saw will go through thick and thin with you. Will saw through plastic, metal and wood.


  • Power input: 900w
  • Power output: 540w
  • Cut thickness in wood: 200 mm
  • Cut thickness in steel: 20 mm
  • Saw blade stroke: 28 mm
  • Machine weight: 3.7 kg

Available for half day, day or weekly hire.

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Makita chop saw for hire

Makita chop saw hire

Makita chop saw for hire in Warrenpoint and Newry. This compound sliding saw runs on 4 rails which deliver smooth control. Powered by a powerful 1010W, 10AMP motor which turns the blade at 6000rpm you can be sure of a clean cut every time. The Makita compund saw comes in 110volt for safety on site.


  • Max mitre range: 57° to 47°
  • Max bevel range: 45° to -5°
  • Max mitre cut at 90°: 52x300mm
  • Max mitre cut at 45°: 52x212mm
  • Blade Diameter: 190mm
  • Bore Diameter: 20mm
  • No Load Speed: 6,000rpm
  • Input wattage: 1,010w
  • Net Weight: 12.6kg

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